Ring LED Case

Model: iPhone 12 Pro Max
Color: Green
Sale price90.00 AED


Ring LED Case

Ring LED case is used for makeup live broadcast, youtube vlogging, selfie photography, It can also record online video conferences, so you can enjoy the fun of working at home at any time. Precisely arranged LED lights that brighten up your smile in any situation and just turn on the light and you're ready to take brilliant selfies with glow and shine.

Photography Benefits

        Powered by Built-in Battery

        The Ring LED Case contains a long lasting battery pack that is powering the Ring LED Case.

         Estimated Delivery

        1-3 days Across UAE


        Q1. How do you change the color temprature?

        The back of the case has a button where it can be be pushed to change the temprature of the LEDs

        Q2. How do you adjust the brightness of the LEDs?

        The back of the case has a button where it can be held down to Increase or decrease the brightness to your personal requirements

        Q3. Will the LEDs drain my iPhone Battery?

        The LEDs will only work while the iPhone screen is on, for example while using social apps (Insagram, Snapchat , etc..) taking pictures or video. The LED case will turn off after short period of locking your iPhone.

        Q4. Will the LED Case turn on while its in my pocket?

        The LED case will not turn on while the iPhone is locked so, no accidental turning on will happen.

        Q5. How do I charge the LED case?

        You can simply connect connect the lightning connector to your LED case . The case also shows a red led while charging.


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